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GI University is an online resource for quick, educational vignettes that focus on each of the key biomarkers in our line of advanced stool testing. Each installment will clearly communicate the clinical significance of a specific biomarker, as well as the diagnostic value it offers you and your patients.

GI University is a learning resource that will continue to expand, as installments will be added regularly. Our educational resources are always in session, so visit at your convenience!

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Our Medical Education Specialists at Genova Diagnostics offer complimentary consultations to clinicians. These consultations are designed to offer greater understanding, and support greater ease of application of our laboratory tests in clinical practice. Call 1-800-522-4762 or click the button below to request an appointment. (Available to new and existing clients only)
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Calprotectin PhiCal ELISA Test

Calprotectin PhiCal ELISA tests

Genova Diagnostics proudly features Calpro´s FDA-cleared biomarker, Calprotectin, which can effectively differentiate Irritable Bowel Syndrome from Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
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